Business / Commercial Visa

Business visas are issued to: Representatives of Australian companies, Managers, Sales Managers, Sales representatives, etc.


Letter of Authorisation: An official authorisation letter from the Saudi Arabian ministry of Foreign Affairs or an Electronic Letter of Request (invitation). The official authorisation or Electronic Letter of Request should be applied for by the company in Saudi Arabia from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Please Note: For female applicants, only the official authorisation letter from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be accepted.
A copy of the Saudi company business registration certificate (شهادة تسجيل الشركة).
Original letter from your Registered Company or firm based in Australia, bearing a stamp and signature from a Chamber of Commerce in Australia, level 12, 83 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000 This letter must be addressed to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Consular Section, and state the applicants name, their passport number, their position within the Company, what kind of business the Company undertakes (be specific, as it is important to match the Australian Company activities with the Saudi Arabian Company activities), the name of the Saudi Arabian Company and the city in Saudi Arabia to be visited, the purpose of the visit, the type of visa sought (single entry or multiple entry), and stating who will bear the cost of the travel. Example Business Letter Template Click Here
Submit a fully completed visa application form filled in with a pen or printed. To download a visa application form. Please ensure you include your address, telephone and mobile numbers and email address on the application.
Two (2) recent passport size photographs of the applicant, with white background, must be provided. The photograph must be of a full face view; side or angle views are not acceptable. One of the photographs should be stapled to the application form, with the other loosely attached to it.
Non-Australian passport holders must submit an immigration residency visa showing at least two years prior residency in Australia, along with a copy of the Australian visa covering this period. Alternatively, a foreign passport holder may present a diplomatic Note from the applicants Embassy in Australia which identifies his/her title.