For me the tour generally was wonderful.  Executive Travel made things happen when they said they would. We had very comfortable journeys and accommodation and the guides were first rate, especially Ahmed Fawa in Aswan.  He could not have been more kind and helpful, and became a friend.  Adel Abd in Cairo was also very good.

There are small criticisms on what was a very special holiday, and I hope I am spared to go back and see the new Cairo museum one day.  Many thanks 

With best wishes 

Geoffrey Walker


“You have already heard from Geoffrey Walker, with his reflections on our Egyptian holiday.

I warmly support his comments: it was indeed a marvelous holiday and I will treasure the memory for yonks!’

Just as you foretold, the itinerary unfolded day by day with never a hiccup and our delight in the ease of airport transfers, transport, accommodations, guides and guided tours was first-rate. Thank you.

I would like to suggest that you reveal immediately when asked, the contact details of your agents in Egypt: Executive Travel.

Their efficiency was outstandingly good, seeing to the day-to-day details of our Tour. As I told you before, it was the same excellent and professional Executive Travel that looked after my Group when I visited Egypt in 2001.

Secondly,  Geoffrey and I would have appreciated advice about baksheesh. I quite realise that ultimately it is up to the giver… how much to tip; and in which currency, for minor or for major services. Having had no guidance from you in this matter, it became somewhat hit-or-miss : I am not sure whether I was being reasonable, over-generous or down-right mean.

With hindsight, I regret that we did not schedule more ‘ free’ days, spend longer in that fabulous, exciting country

With good wishes and congratulations.

Yours sincerely,

John Moody         ( Egypt and Lebanon Tour  18 Sept.-19 Oct. 2018 )”


Firstly, it was an absolute privilege to visit your country. We loved every minute of it! We will return. And thank you so much for making our stay even better by ensuring our VIP treatment. We were totally indulged.

It was spectacular just to visit Giza and the Cairo Mueseum, but it just kept getting better. Abu Simbel was unbelieveable, Aswan was magical and serene, the temples at Karnak and Luxor at night were mindblowing! But the cruise was the crowning point: sitting on the sun-deck watching a vista on either side of the cruiser unravel which can only be described as Biblical. It was Eden-like.

We loved Cairo. We were so glad we spent the extra days there so we could get to know the city better. Everybody was so friendly and at no stage did we feel unsafe. They all reacted even more positively when we attempted speaking our rudimentary Arabic, in particular: ‘Waleh-hi?’ or ‘Mia Mia’.

We love the Egyptian sense of humour. Finally, a special mention for Muhammed. He’s brilliant! He ensured the tour’s success for everybody.  Once again thank you for a trip of a life-time which we will be talking about forever. We will call soon to thank you personally.

Best Regards,

Paul and Jan


In general this was a wonderful tour. At Cairo airport we found that it so easy to just follow the United World Travel signs. We were assisted through customs by your guides and on to the coach. Mohammad introduced himself to the tour. Clara and I believe that Mohammad was the greatest asset to this tour. His enthusiasm, his eagerness to help, his humor and above all his knowledge of Egyptology was absolutely wonderful. The hotel accommodation was very good in Cairo, in Alexandra it was excellent.

We were very pleased with the Nile River cruise. We believe that this tour was action packed, with something exciting to do at all times. This tour was excellent value, the out of pocket expenses were very small.
It was an extremely well planned out tour and we would be happy officiate any request for future travelers you may have.

Thank you,

Laurie Coady JP.